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About AE – Angels Embrace was founded by Breanna Winsand and Shayne Wilwert in 2012.  After growing up together in a small town in the Chippewa Valley, both mothers experienced similar situations with stillborn sons just 21 months apart.  Though living in different states, sharing this experience brought them closer together as they leaned on each other to get through the difficult days.  As they shared experiences, thoughts and feelings, they each realized that they both felt a strong desire to help others going through loss.  While in a Twin Cities hospital, the Wilwerts received a donated basket filled with memorial items. Both Shayne and Breanna concluded that this was important and missing for families in the Chippewa Valley.  Within a matter of weeks, the mothers turned an idea into reality with the origin of Angels Embrace. The priority of the AE foundation is to ensure that families who experience the stillbirth of a child are not leaving the hospital with empty arms.

Remembrance Boxes – Each remembrance box is assembled with items that are thoughtfully selected.  Many of the items donated are handmade especially for bereaved families.  The boxes contain items meant to help the family create memories of their precious child during a time that they are paralyzed with grief  as well as items to help them get through the difficult days after returning home.

Each box may be a little different based on availability and uniqueness of handmade gifts.  Items typically included in the box are:

  • Keepsake memorial box (includes engravable plate for personalization)
  • Blanket donated from the Sweet Pea Project
  • Hat handmade with love
  • Sleeper set
  • Baby ring
  • Teddy bear donated by Project B.E.A.R
  • Container for personal item, such as a lock of hair or hospital bracelets
  • Frame for hand and foot prints
  • Wind chime
  • Handmade Angel charms
  • Willow Tree remembrance figurine
  • Prayer shawl donated from Hope Lutheran Church
  • Remembrance bracelet
  • Memorial candle
  • Pocket tokens
  • Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness magnet
  • Journal
  • Books
  • Memorial bookmark
  • Teardrop lapel pin
  • Ornament
  • Inspirational pocket cards (serenity prayer and hope cards)
  • Memorial tear key chain
  • Resource packet & Poems


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Angels Embrace Foundation