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We Need Your Help

The Star Legacy Foundation is conducting a survey of mothers (with and without a history of late stillbirth) to identify trends and associated risks for stillbirth. 

If you are a stillbirth mother, we are so very sorry for your loss, but very grateful that you wish to help. While we acknowledge the pain of stillbirth at any gestation, this study will focus on stillbirth of 28 weeks or later. If you are a mother of a child born alive, we congratulate you on the addition to your family and are very grateful to you for taking the time to provide very valuable information to help us understand stillbirth. 

For the results of this current study to be relevant, we need a large number of women to participate who are:

  1. mothers of babies stillborn at or after 28 weeks,
  2. mothers of newborn babies 3 weeks old or younger,
  3. mothers currently at least 28 weeks pregnant.

We encourage you to please pass this information along to other mothers that might be willing to participate. 

The survey takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and can be found at the following link: 



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